2017-18 UK and Ireland Windstorm Season (Doug)European Windstorms WikiTest
File:Abigail Nov 12 2015 1155Z.pngFile:Aftermath of the Great Storm of 1987.pngFile:Anatol NOAA polar IR 4.png
File:AngusNannette.pngFile:Anne2014.pngFile:Barney Nov 17 2015 1215Z.png
File:Carmen11Nov2010Meteosat.pngFile:Christina050114.pngFile:Clodagh Nov 30 2015.png
File:Cyclone Berit analysis 25 Nov 2011 0900z.pngFile:Cyclone Christian.pngFile:Cyclone Hergen 13 December 2011.png
File:Cyclone Jeanett 2002.pngFile:DariaMeteosat25Jan19901130UTC.pngFile:Desmond Dec 5, 2015.png
File:Dirk 23 12.pngFile:Erwin Jan 8 2005.pngFile:Eva 23 December 2015.png
File:Example.jpgFile:Extratropical Cyclone over the United Kingdom (12510658724).pngFile:Gertrude satellite image UKMO.png
File:Great Storm of 1987.pngFile:Hanno Jan 14 2007.pngFile:Hurricane Charley as viewed from the NOAA 9 Satellite, 26 August 1986.png
File:NOAA18 20090124 0328H IR.pngFile:New Year Hurricane 1992.pngFile:Odysseus 26 October 2011.png
File:OrkanNiklas4km.pngFile:STMeurope018 MO.pngFile:Scotland storm 8 December 2011.png
File:StormKatieIR.pngFile:Storm Henry 2016-02-01.pngFile:Storm Oratia 30 Oct 2000.png
File:Storm damaged building - Barton on Sea - October 1987.pngFile:Storms Burkhard-Christian 201310261012 UTC.pngFile:Strommast.png
File:Ulli January 3 2012.pngFile:Wiki-backgroundFile:Wiki.png
File:Wind storm Hilde - 17 Nov 2013 - 1.pngFile:Wind storm Hilde - 17 Nov 2013 - 2.pngFile:Windstorm Emma.png

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